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Poirier's Real Cane Syrup - Fall 2017 New Batch


This coveted artisanal product made in Youngsville, Louisiana is made only three months of the year and therefore is a batch product with a limited yearly supply.  It has been popping up in the kitchens of well-known chefs in New Orleans for some years now.  It is crafted by Charles Poirier and bears his mark of passion and distinction. Poirier's cane syrup possesses a caramel like sweetness  "delicious, sensual, and superb".  Never dull or heavy - there are no artificial ingredients or preservatives added in its creation. Charles follows the same method as his great great grandfather, Anatole Poirier (1873-1941).  

We are proud to be able to offer this artisanal batch product created in keeping with the Cajun history and traditions of the region.  

Try it on vanilla ice cream,  "dutch baby" pancakes, sausage, cornbread, mint juleps, or as a citrus fruit garnish.  It will open your eyes to French-Amerique culinary traditions. 


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